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Mercedes Marco Polo: Water

The Mercedes Marco Polo has an integrated water system,
which supplies the kitchenette and also serves a water connection in the rear of the van.

The capacity of the fresh water tank is 38 litres
the tank is filled through the filler neck under the supply flap:

Open the lid,
turn the cap counter-clockwise,
fill up with drinking water.

Close the cap, close the lid.
Important: Fill the fresh water tank with drinking water only.

The grey water should only be emptied at the points provided for this purpose.
The grey water tank of the Marco Polo has a capacity of 40 litres.
and is emptied through a drain pipe on the lower left side of the van.
Always position the van accordingly,
that the drain pipe is placed above the emptying point.

Pull the black lever forward.
The grey water drains out.
After complete emptying,
push the lever all the way back to the starting position.The mechanism is closed again.

The fresh water is emptied by pulling this lock.

Tip: the external water connection is suitable for refreshments!

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