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How does the Mercedes Marco Polo work: gas and cooking

The Mercedes Marco Polo has a kitchenette with an electric fridge and a gas cooker.

The butane gas bottle is stored in a safety box
in the left rear of the van.

Open the doors, remove the lid, open the safety locks
and remove the lid.
The gas bottle is always closed and is only opened when the vehicle is stationary.

Common gas bottles for the Marco Polo are butane gas bottles R907 (from Campinggaz, for example),
which can be purchased in normal shops.

However, the kitchen is not yet automatically supplied with gas.
To do this, the gas tap inside the vehicle must be opened.
This gas tap is closed in the vertical position.
To supply the kitchen with gas, the gas tap must be in the horizontal position.

Before cooking, I open the window behind the cooker a little,
open and press the gas regulator knob on the faucet
and ignite the gas with the ignition button.
To turn the gas off again, I close the gas regulator on the armature.

Please note that the gas bottle in the rear of the van must be closed before every journey.
The gas tap in the interior must also be closed,
means in the vertical position.

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