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Mercedes Marco Polo


You get in and go “wow, what an amazing van”. Your adventure starts off with a bang thanks to the 190 horse power engine and nothing gets in your way with 4wheel drive. Each van is equipped with all the creature comforts, everything you need to relax, cook, dine, sleep and enjoy. You can take your van into the middle of nowhere or the middle of the city—the world is your oyster.


Mercedes Marco Polo

VanVan has a fleet of brand new Mercedes Marco Polo vans ready and waiting for you. We’ve personally
tested them and know that you’ve got an all-rounder on your side. The vans are spacious, stylish,
pratical, powerful and well-equipped to boot. The fully integrated kitchen and table make
mealtimes a pleasure and sleeping is a breeze thanks to the two generously-sized beds. Worried
about what to bring? Everything you need for your roadtrip is well-stored in the cupboards and
shelves and we’ve even put together a box of top quality kitchen tools to make sure you’re at the
top of your cooking game. Still want more facts and figures? Then we suggest you take a look at
the official Marco Polo handbook.

Vans Fleet 1 5 Camper Mieten Vanvan
Mercedesmarcopolo Camper Mieten Vanvan
Vans Interior4 Camper Mieten Vanvan Kopie
Vans Interior5 Camper Mieten Vanvan Kopie
Vans Interior7 Camper Mieten Vanvan
Vans Interior6 Camper Mieten Vanvan Kueche
Vans Interior6 Camper Mieten Vanvan
Vans Interior3 Camper Mieten Vanvan

Pricing & Discounts

Price per night

Low season: from CHF 129.- (November - March)
High season: from CHF 179.- (April - October)
Plus one-time service fee of CHF 199.-

All prices include VAT.

Additional insurance packages and various extras are available during the booking process.


Van you later: -5% if you book at least 15 nights
Holy Van: -10% if you book at least 22 nights