Rent your Van

Rent your Van

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VanVan rents out camper vans, and not just any ordinary van but Marco Polos by Mercedes. These camper vans have it all: the right amount of luxury and plenty of space for pleasure and adventure. Wherever your journey takes you and whoever is on board, VanVan makes sure that you start off on the best foot possible.


What does VanVan have to offer?

For the rationally minded among us, VanVan is a premium service package at a terrific price. State of the art Mercedes vans, kilometers included, complete insurance coverage and free parking for your car while you’re happily vacationing in your VanVan. Need more?
You have everything you need for up to 4 people and, if you feel that’s not enough, just add a few extras. In case you run into any technical or mechanical problems, you’ll receive assistance throughout Europe. Kids on board? We’ll throw in the car seats for free. Need more convincing? Our partners are Stoll (coffee), Soeder (all natural soap), EKOBO (non toxic eco dish-ware), Lavie (organic home textiles) and Schwander Wine. And because they are just as committed as we are to making sure your VanVan adventure is absolutely fantastic, they’ve put together some goodie bags for each VanVan, for every adventure. Now the only thing left for us to say is Bon voyage!