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Here you’ll get the latest worldwide VanVan news on a regular basis. This way you’ll always be in the loop and know what’s up with our partners, fresh accessories, new vans, insider tips, new destinations and exciting road stories from the VanVan family. We’ll also let you in on any promotions, surprises or other sorts of specials that we have cooked up for you.

News 22.11.2022

All good things come in sixes!

If you've ever been on the road in a VanVan, you've gotten to know and certainly appreciate them. We are talking about the high-quality, fragrant, soft, fine and sustainable products of our partners Soeder*, Stoll, lavie, Schwander Wines and EKOBO. read more
News 12.09.2022

VanVan at the Suisse Caravan Salon 2022 in Bern

VanVan will soon be on the road with Walter, on a mission to Bern for this year’s Swiss Caravan Salon 2022 read more
News 04.08.2022

Park your very own personal VanVan in your garage!

This is your chance: We are again selling part of our fleet. You'll never get your private VanVan again so easily and without any delay. read more
News 08.07.2022

VanVan announces the arrival of VanVan Walter

VanVan is more than proud to announce the arrival of VanVan Walter, the van of Walter Schreifels to its fleet. Walter writes: "Hi, my name is Walter Schreifels and I love to travel, particularly in vans …  read more
News 26.05.2022

From Manegg to Regensdorf: VanVan is moving

We announced it: Our current location in Manegg (Zurich) will be torn down at the end of July and we are moving our camper rental to Regensorf read more
News 12.05.2021

Rent your campervan in Zurich

Some call it a camper, others a campervan, still others a camping bus: we call it a VanVan and guarantee you special experiences and great moments. Rent a camper, get in, drive off, enjoy. read more