>All good things come in sixes!

All good things come in sixes!


If you've ever been on the road in a VanVan, you've gotten to know and certainly appreciate them. We're talking about the high-quality, fragrant, soft, fine and sustainable products of our partners Söder*, Stoll, lavie, Schwander Weine and EKOBO.

We're thrilled that all five will stay on board with us in 2023 and tour Europe with you. Good news also for the surfers among you: The partnership with Visitor will also continue and you will be able to cruise to the best waves in the Visitor VanVan with surf package. Feel free to remember the six names if you're still looking for cool Christmas gifts (hint!).

Speaking of gifts, a ticket from VanVan always comes in handy too and takes up zero space under the Christmas tree. Just send us an email with the amount you want or call and we'll be happy to email you a beautifully designed digital voucher to give as a gift.