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Why rent a camper van from VanVan?


VanVan is a vision of three friends who like vacations where anything can happen but nothing has to. There shouldn’t be any stress, just fun times with a dash of luxury. VanVan is not just a company, it’s a personal story started by Felix, Clemens, Thomas and, through osmosis, their wives and kids too. We do everything in our power to ensure that your vacation begins from the very moment you step into one of our vans and that you’ve got everyhting needed for an amazing trip.


Why rent a camper van from VanVan?

Good question. As the founders, we can only tell you why we love VanVan holidays.
We simply love the thrill of going on adventures off the beaten track and being spontaneous and
surprised by what unfolds on the road. Above all, we love spending time with our favourite
people, our friends and families, that’s why each van is named after the ones who matter to us
most. VanVan means absolute freedom and relaxation to us, instant vacations rather than months
of planning and booking this and that. Pick up and return in Zurich or Wil/SG and in between just
roadtripping—wherever and with whoever you want. Still curious?


VanVan Pick-Up Zurich

At the VanVan Pick-Up Zurich our vehicles are handed over and received by our team. The Pick-Up Zurich in Regensdorf is ideally located near the A1 freeway and right next to the Regensdorf-Watt train station.


VanVan Pick-Up Zurich
Althardstrasse 5
8105 Regensdorf
T: +41 43 333 11 55

VanVan Pick-Up Wil SG

The VanVan Pick-Up win Wil SG is located on the site of Auto-Miet AG. 

The Pick-Up Wil SG is ideally located just off the A1 freeway (between St. Gallen and Winterthur) and just a few minutes wald from the bus station Wil Rapp.

VanVan Pick-Up Wil SG
Toggenburgerstrasse 104
9500 Wil SG
T: +41 43 333 11 55


VanVan AG

Our offices are locate in the
Zurich Binz district 3.

VanVan AG
Austrasse 38
8045 Zürich
P: +41 43 333 11 55



News 13.03.2024

All good things come in fours

Three friends, three years: In January 2021, we hit the gas and VanVan took off. Soon, we were speeding along the fast lane and our VanVans rolling across Europe. With a mix of big and small camper fans, we embarked on this journey –and we wouldn’t want to miss a single turn. But as we round out our fourth season, we're bringing things to a halt by year's end. read more
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Now or never: we sell a number of our Mercedes Marco Polo camper-vans

This is your chance: We are rejuvenating our fleet and therefore selling several camper vans effective immediately. Never again will you be able to acquire a luxuriously equipped Marco Polo from Mercedes in top condition so easily and promptly, without any delivery time. First come, first choose! read more
News 29.05.2023

New VanVan rental pick-up location in Basel

VanVan opens a new pick-up location in Pratteln near Basel read more