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How does the Mercedes Marco Polo work: Power and Batteries

The Mercedes Marco Polo has two batteries.
The usual vehicle battery and an additional battery for the living systems.

To keep it simple, you can say that everything that is needed for driving,
is connected to the vehicle battery.
And everything that needs to work for living in the Marco Polo,
is connected to the auxiliary battery.

The durability of the batteries depends on their use, of course.
But basically we have a hand rule that says,
that with a normal use of the systems, a Marco Polo
can stand self-sufficiently for 2 days and 2 nights,
before the batteries need to be recharged.

You can check the charge level of the auxiliary battery in the on-board system.

Recharging the batteries or connecting the van to a power supply
can be done via the external socket at the left rear of the van:
Open the cover; flip open the charging cable catch,
insert the plug with the corresponding notch.
When the van is connected to the mains, power is supplied to the van
and both batteries are getting recharged.

The Marco Polo has a 230 volt socket and three USB ports.

One by the kitchenette...
one in the vehicle console...
And one by the pop-up roof.

The 230-volt socket is only supplied with power when the vehicle is connected to an external mains supply.

But the USB ports, on the other hand, work without external power. They are supplied by the auxiliary battery.

Both batteries charge completely while driving.

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