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Mercedes Marco Polo: Housing systems

How to control the lights, fridge and auxiliary heating with the on-board system of the Mercedes Marco Polo.

All the settings for the living area can be found here under Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control.
Press this button.
An overview appears with light, heating, auxiliary battery and cool box.

First the light:
You can switch on the light in the top control panel.
When the strip lights up blue, it is on.
You can also adjust it individually under light scenarios.

To switch the light off again, press the "all lights" bar again and it goes out.

Back to the overview.

Then we go to the auxiliary heating:
You can switch the auxiliary heating on again by clicking on the control panel.
It is switched on when it is blue.
On the control to the right you can select the desired temperature.
(Do not place anything in front of the parking heater while it is in operation,
otherwise there is a risk of fire)!

There is also a timer control and a night setback control
which you can use to set when the auxiliary heating has to switch on or off
or whether you want to lower the temperature at night.

To switch the heater off, press the top control panel again.
The blue light on the right goes out.

Then we control the cool box:
Switch on the cool box on this control panel.
Select the desired coldness level on the control.
To switch it off, press this control panel again.

Here we find information about the auxiliary battery:
The graphic shows the battery's state of charge.
Here you can see the voltage and
whether the van is connected to a charging cable.

You can activate Apple Car Play or Android Auto,
By plugging the charging cable into the corresponding port
and activating the smart phone on the on-board computer.


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