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Mercedes Marco Polo: Sleeping

The Mercedes Marco Polo has 2 beds:
one downstairs and one under the pop-up roof.

To set up the lower sleeping accommodation
the rear seat needs to be converted:
Move the rear seat by grasping the release,
remove the head restraints and stow them in the backrest and
tilt it downwards using the control panel on front of the seats.
Put the mattress on and set up the bed.

By the way, the free luggage rack serves as an adjustable headrest.

To set up the upper bed, the pop-up roof must be opened.

To do this, first open a door to let air flow in.
Then open the locks on both sides
and push the roof upwards.
When the roof is fully open,
Unhook the bed suspension on both sides and lower the bed frame.
and lower the bed frame.

Disassembly works in the same way as assembly:
(First open a door). Hook the bed frame in at the top,
pull the roof down by the strap,
Make sure that on the outside of the roof
the safety catch is unlocked.
To do this, when pulling down the roof, simultaneously
press outwards on the spot marked „Push“ on the inside of the roof.
Hook the roof latch back in and close it.

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